Internal reporting includes the means and measures used by a company to prepare and provide information about the company and its environment in the form of printed reports or reports available in the information system.
Report recipients/users are typically company management, executives and employees with a special information need (e.g. sales representatives).
The reporting objects are the company as a whole and, above all, the core areas of human resources, finance, products and services, and customers/markets.
The operational reporting system also provides reports for external parties, e.g. financial statements.
Decision-relevant reports should contain few, but particularly meaningful data and key figures (especially as time series), diagrams/graphics and short textual comments.
A distinction is made between periodic standard reports and ad hoc reports.

See also:
Key performance indicators; balanced scorecard; controlling; transparency; ICT management
Reference to QET guidelines:
T03 Corporate transparency; T12 Communication; T14 Controlling
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