Since 2004, we have been taking like-minded people on a journey of corporate culture

Today, no company can escape the challenges of globalization and the shortage of skilled workers, not to mention critical environmental issues. Employers are forced to offer additional benefits such as greater flexibility in order to attract and retain suitably qualified employees and partners.

But in the long term, attractive working conditions alone are not enough. After all, motivation is a cause, not an effect. The different values ​​of a company must be made visible to the public: effectively communicated and properly lived.

In 2004, an experienced team from business, teaching, politics and continuing education developed a holistic management system that allows you to identify, define and describe the values ​​of your corporate culture. The core values ​​of quality, ethics and transparency (QET) were each assigned 20 criteria with practical tips and numerous advantages.

But be careful. Sooner or later, your employees, business partners and customers will sense whether values ​​are just empty promises or whether they are lived out of conviction.

When authenticity and truthfulness are right, advertising with values ​​becomes a success factor for your company.

Use the modules, criteria, self-tests and the free entries in the lexicon as a source of inspiration or work tool for the self-employed, employees, students and, for example, seminar participants. Depending on the topic, a module consists of various quality, ethics and transparency criteria. There is a self-test for each criterion. Ideal as a tool in the company, at seminars or for your own training as a prospective or established manager.

!: All documents are available for download in German. The PDF document can be translated using numerous online translation tools. German-language and translated documents may not be copied or sent.