Demographic change

The current discussion about the consequences of demographic change relates to the declining birth rates in the German population since around 1990 and the consequence for the labor market that the absolute number and proportion of younger employees continues to fall, while the proportion of older employees increases accordingly. Overall, the supply of qualified workers is decreasing. Even the influx of foreigners cannot compensate for this development. Companies should prepare for this development early on.
Many companies, especially in the SME sector, have recognized the signs of the times and are increasingly making use of the maturity and experience of older employees. Companies are increasingly looking for older employees on the job market, provided they meet the professional requirements. There is a growing need for workforces to recognize and promote the innovative and creative skills of older employees based on extensive experience.
Dr. Pfister, Metro AG: "Integrate older employees right from the start. In the foreseeable future, you will be urgently dependent on these older employees."
Furthermore, SMEs should increasingly focus on the growing potential of highly educated, qualified women. A higher proportion of women in the company can be very beneficial; there are very positive reports about the success of mixed teams.
The recruitment of professionally qualified disabled people should also be given greater focus in personnel planning (not only) because of the increasing shortage of skilled workers.
A further potential for professionally qualified employees can arise from an increased number of places for trainees who can be taken on after their apprenticeship.

See also:
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Reference to QET guidelines:
Q06 Change management; Q07 Human resources management; E03 Diversity; E10 Work-life balance; E12 Women's quota; E13 50+; E14 Inclusion; E15 Reintegration; E16 Training and further education
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