In the QET context, effectiveness is understood as the relationship between the achieved result and the defined goal. Effectiveness is therefore a measure of the goal achievement, regardless of the resources used to achieve it. A process is particularly effective when set goals are exceeded.
Doing the "right things" (effectiveness aspect) is contrasted with doing "things right" (efficiency aspect).

See also:
Effectiveness; work process; audit; benchmarking; controlling; innovation management; process optimization; knowledge management; target agreements; process management; performance management
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q03 Leadership; Q04 Employees; Q07 Human resources management; Q13 Succession; Q14 Resources; Q15 Processes; Q16 Flexible organisation; Q18 Innovation; Q20 CIP; T08 Conflict management; T13 ICT; T14 Controlling; T15 Benchmarking; T16 SWOT
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