Honourable merchant

The term "honourable merchant" describes the model that has historically developed in Europe for responsible participants in economic life.
The Honourable Merchant basically stands for
- a basic humanistic education
- economic expertise
- a solid character with economic virtues
In relation to the company, Ehrbarer Kaufmann stands for
Sense of responsibility for
- Employees
- Customers and suppliers
- Investors
- Competitors and market
At the social level, the Honourable Merchant shows a sense of responsibility for
- Consumers
- Community
- Publicity
- Political system
- Environment
QET OHG has adopted the principles and virtues of the honorable merchant that have been proven for centuries. It combines these with the modern requirements of corporate management and corporate governance. This connection is made clear by the term "Honorable Merchant 2.0".

See also:
Corporate governance; social responsibility; (CSR) ethics/corporate ethics; corporate management; corporate culture; corporate mission statement; code of conduct; value orientation
Reference to QET guidelines:
E01 Business Ethics; E17 Compliance; E20 CSR; T01 Guidelines; T02 CI
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