Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 refers to the use of social software for project coordination, knowledge management and internal and external communication in companies. These tools promote the free exchange of knowledge among employees, but they also require it in order to function effectively. The term therefore not only covers the tools themselves, but also a trend in corporate culture - away from hierarchical, centralized control and towards autonomous self-management of teams that are moderated rather than led by managers.
"The world of work is facing a cultural revolution: As so-called Enterprise 2.0, more and more companies are replacing previous work processes with wikis, blogs and virtual teams - and hierarchical structures with the wisdom of the masses." (from "WirtschaftsWoche" from July 12, 2010)

See also:
Social media; knowledge management; communication; employee competence
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q17 Learning organisation; Q05 Personal responsibility; Q04 Employees; Q17 Learning organisation
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