health Management

With effective company health management and innovative concepts for health promotion, companies can counteract high levels of sickness absence. Those who promote and maintain the health of their employees, optimize working conditions and strive for employee satisfaction will keep productivity and work quality high and the absenteeism rate low in the medium to long term.
According to statistics, the overall rate of sick leave in German companies has decreased in recent years, but this is not because employees are now healthier, but because they often go to work despite being sick (mainly out of fear of losing their job), with all the disadvantages that this entails for themselves and for the company.
In contrast, the proportion of people suffering from depression, including increasingly younger people, has increased from 6% to 10%. The main reasons given for this sharp increase are: fear of losing one's job, conflicts between employees and superiors, increasing stress. Stress prevention is therefore an increasingly important task of health management.

See also:
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Reference to QET guidelines:
Q02 Social skills; Q07 Human resources management; E01 Business ethics; E06 Occupational safety; E07 Stress prevention; E13 50plus; E14 Inclusion; E15 Reintegration
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