Smart Factory

The concept of an intelligent factory refers to an intelligent structure, process and work organization based on modern, innovative information technologies.
The intelligent factory makes it possible to simulate the production of a product in advance during the planning and design phase, so that it can then be optimally produced in the real factory. Logistics and maintenance of the product as well as customer service can also be integrated into this simulation. This significantly shortens the time from the product idea to the final product and its market launch, and makes the entire production process more flexible.
This ultimately leads to significant cost savings and faster time to market.
The intelligent factory links the digital planning of the object to be produced with the planning of the associated production facility. The manufacturing process is generated and simulated on the PC during development. Products are only released for production when they have successfully passed through the virtual, digital factory and all optimization options have been exhausted. For example, several product variants can be tested at the same time, with the individual development steps no longer taking place one after the other, but sometimes simultaneously. The transition from development to production - previously the most expensive and time-consuming stage - can be drastically shortened in this way.
With the Intelligent Factory, companies can adapt more quickly to changing market conditions and ever-changing customer expectations.
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