Key performance indicator systems

Key figures are numbers with special significance. They represent quantifiable facts in a clear, condensed form, e.g. as totals, relations, percentages, time series.
Key figures that are related to each other in terms of content can be combined to form key figure systems. The aim of a key figure system is to obtain analysis and decision-making aids for important areas of the company based on a clear number of representative key figures. This makes it possible to assess special developments and cause-effect relationships, especially if the key figures are visualized graphically and meaningfully and are accompanied by short, concise comments.
Key performance indicator systems are particularly important in benchmarking, in setting up a balanced scorecard system (BSC), in controlling, in SWOT analyses and ratings.

See also:
benchmarking; Balanced Scorecard; reporting; controlling; Ratings; Performance Management
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q03 Leadership; Q06 Change Management; Q14 Resources; Q17 Learning Organization; T03 Corporate Transparency; T04 Pricing; T14 Controlling
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