In the QET context, "communication" means the reception, exchange and transmission of information between individuals and groups.
The success of companies depends largely on constructive and goal-oriented communication. Communication processes in companies take place between management and employees, between the company's employees and between management/employees and business partners or customers.
Communication within the company works when every employee knows what he has to do, knows the background of his work and the overall goals of the company and has the information he needs to carry out his work successfully.
Successful communication is an essential prerequisite for a good working atmosphere. It strengthens employee commitment, the company enjoys a good reputation, and customer expectations are better met.
Communication requires appropriate instruments and media. Today, rapid information is usually provided via the Internet, email, internal company wiki systems or social media. Regular information is published on notice boards or stored on the server for general access. Also important are staff meetings, departmental meetings and the company newspaper, which regularly reports on company-relevant matters or other matters of interest to employees, either in paper form and/or as an electronic newsletter.

See also:
Corporate culture; working atmosphere; code of conduct; social media
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q01 Management skills; Q03 Leadership; Q02 Social skills; Q09 Customers; Q17 Learning organisation; E17 Compliance; E05 Data protection; T08 Conflict management; T09 Error culture; T18 Audit; T12 Communication
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