Marketing refers to company activities aimed at current and future sales markets, as well as market-oriented company management as a whole. Marketing thus becomes a central business function in a market-dependent company.
In the marketing mix, the long-term planned specifications - regarding conception, pricing policy, promotion and distribution - are implemented in concrete actions.
The operational marketing objectives are: sales volumes, turnover (revenue), market share, contribution margin, level of awareness, image positioning, brand management.
Specialization: History Marketing
Through history marketing, companies can profitably use their history as an image and identity-strengthening factor in order to differentiate themselves from competitors with less tradition, sharpen their profile and intensify the emotional bond to the brand and company.

See also:
Market research; communication; quality competition; social media
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q09 Customers; Q10 Networks; Q08 Product management; Q11 Branding; Q12 Quality management; T01 Guidelines; T02 CI; T03 Corporate transparency; T04 Pricing
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