(= mediation) is a structured process for constructively resolving or avoiding conflicts. The parties in conflict (mediators) want to reach a mutual agreement that meets their needs and interests with the support of a third, impartial person (mediator). Mediation is not an institution such as an arbitration court, conciliation board, arbitration board or similar. The mediator does not make any decisions, nor does it formulate any recommendations or suggestions for a possible conflict resolution. Rather, the aim of mediation is to create a safe framework in which the parties in conflict can talk about their conflict and its background and in which they can work out a self-determined, mutually agreed and concrete conflict resolution.

See also: Conflict management; Working atmosphere; Code of conduct; Contract culture Reference to QET guidelines: Q03 Leadership; E17 Compliance; T01 Guidelines; T05 Contracts; T08 Conflict management; T17 Mediation

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