Employee management

Employee management Successful employee management is the basis for the economic success of a company. What should responsible managers bear in mind? 1. Set clear goals and standards 2. Offer advantages 3. Create an inspiring team spirit 4. Recognize employees and their achievements 5. Look after employees 6. Talk to employees regularly about work (ask questions) 7. Set clear boundaries for employees 8. Make the work environment motivating 9. Create a strong corporate culture 10. Give employees tasks that suit them 11. Promote employee responsibility "If you constantly belittle your employees, you cannot expect them to grow up themselves." Based on: "Success factors - employee management" by Ingo T. Krawiec, Krawiec Consulting (www.train-the-trainer-seminar.de)

See also: Motivation; Fairness; Work stress; Corporate culture; Diversity management; Leadership skills; Employee skills; Social skills; Human resources management; Coaching; Data protection Reference to QET guidelines: Q01 Leadership skills; Q03 Leadership; Q04 Employees; Q02 Social skills; Q07 Human resources management; Q05 Personal responsibility; E01 Business ethics; E17 Compliance; E05 Data protection; E07 Stress prevention; E08 Remuneration; E09 Working hours

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