(= commitment, drive) can be promoted in the company if managers consider the following basic needs of employees:

Social needs

People like to feel like they belong to a group and want to work together as a team. Managers should therefore promote cohesion and team spirit within the workforce. According to surveys, the working atmosphere plays an often underestimated role.

Appreciation through success, status and recognition

Most people seek recognition from friends, colleagues, superiors - in the form of financial rewards, career advancement, and boosting self-confidence through affirmation.

Self-realization and personal development

If managers know what their employees want to achieve in life and what is important to them, they can motivate them more than with most other factors. However, it is not just about the job. For employee A, the most important thing may be to get promoted to a management position. Employee B might prefer to have more time for his family. A promotion might only make him unhappy; he might be more motivated by flexible working hours.

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