Product management

= cross-departmental responsibility for a product or product line.

Product and brand management forms a separate management level. In general, the product manager is responsible for the sales success of his product/product group.

Areas of responsibility of product management:
- Organisation of the production process
- Product innovation/variation
- Management of established products
- Product diversification and elimination
- Brand policy
- Product program planning
- Market observation with target group orientation and development of strategies
- Risk and opportunity assessment.

See also: Market research; Customer management; Branding; Quality management; Global sourcing Reference to QET guidelines: Q09 Customers; Q10 Networks; Q08 Product management; Q11 Branding; Q12 Quality management; Q13 Succession; Q14 Resources; Q15 Processes; E18 Fair trade; E19 Ecology; T10 Suppliers; T11 Marketing

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