Quality management

Quality management (QM, e.g. according to ISO 9001) includes all measures that serve to plan, control, ensure and improve the quality of products, processes and services of any kind.
In some industries, quality management is required by law.
In times of globalization, the focus on product quality is becoming more important again in the magic triangle of cost, time and quality in terms of product sustainability and from a business perspective, so as not to jeopardize productivity due to defects that require recourse or delays, recalls, etc. Therefore, the introduction of quality management systems such as Total Quality Management System, ISO standards, etc. is a core task of company management. Quality management is increasingly being anchored in the organizational structure of companies as an independent work area.

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Reference to QET criteria: Quality 20; T10 Suppliers; T14 Controlling: T15 Benchmarking; T16 SWOT

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