Social skills

These include characteristics or skills (soft skills) such as appreciation, respect, trust, tolerance, cultural competence, teamwork, conflict management skills, criticism skills, communication skills, flexibility, role model function, willingness to perform, personal responsibility, assertiveness, persuasiveness, language skills, social and emotional intelligence.
A person's social skills cannot be measured directly. When hiring, attempts are often made to find out the social skills of applicants in so-called assessment centers.
Social skills are reflected, among other things, in manners at work as well as in dealings with business partners and in public.

See also: Values ​​orientation; corporate culture; communication; fairness; working atmosphere; leadership skills; corruption; disabled people; integration; employee management; contract culture

Reference to QET criteria: Q01 Leadership skills; Q02 Social skills; Ethics 20; T01 Guidelines; T02 CI; T17 Mediation

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