Corporate management

= Business and operational management as an original factor from which dispositive factors such as planning, organization, control/monitoring can be separated.
In corporate management, there are three management levels: top management, middle management and lower management. Top management has to make the management decisions relevant to the company as a whole.
The original tasks of corporate management are:
Determination of the long-term framework concept for the strategic business areas as well as the design, introduction and maintenance of essential, efficient system structures (organizational system, planning and control systems). The company management is responsible for coordinating the major operational sub-areas.

See also: Corporate culture; Strategic management; Management systems; Organization; Re-engineering; Risk management; Coaching; Code of conduct; Corporate governance; Honest businessman; Leadership

Reference to QET criteria: Q01 Management skills; Q03 Leadership; Q04 Employees; Q02 Social skills; Q06 Change management; Q07 Human resources management; Q05 Personal responsibility; Q15 Processes; Q16 Flexible organization; Q19 Risk management; Q17 Learning organization; Q18 Innovation; E01 Business ethics; E17 Compliance; T01 Guidelines; T02 CI; T03 Corporate transparency

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