unique selling point

In marketing and sales psychology, a unique selling proposition (USP) is a performance feature that clearly sets an offer apart from that of the competition and thus represents a competitive advantage. The customer's perspective is crucial here.
The outstanding feature of a branded article, product or service that gives it an advantage over the competition can be, for example, quality, durability, price, design, technical properties, quick availability, service or an outstanding rating in external, independent quality tests or the awarding of a special certificate. It is often a combination of several of these factors.
Without such a special feature, the customer cannot identify with the service offered and orientates himself differently than desired.
The unique selling point is typically the basis of advertising campaigns.

See also:
Branding; Innovation management; Open innovation; Employer branding
Reference to QET guidelines:
Q09 Customers; Q10 Networks; Q08 Product Management; Q11 Branding; Q12 Quality Management; Q18 Innovation; T11 Marketing

Included in QET Module M07 Corporate Image

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