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QET Unternehmenskultur

M05 Attractive corporate culture - Finance - QET Management System

M05 Attractive corporate culture - Finance - QET Management System

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The QET module FINANCE M05 contains 12 criteria from the QET management system in one document. Each of the 12 criteria for an attractive corporate culture is supplemented with a check data sheet for further information. Ideal as learning content and for querying course participants or employees. Inspiring for all managers. Explained in a simple and practical way with recommendations for action. Applicable to all industries and company sizes.

The following criteria are examined: leadership skills, product management, resources, risk management, job security, remuneration, pricing, contracts, target agreements, suppliers, controlling, rating.

Finance is the collective term for financial management and finance - here to be understood in the context of companies.
The foundations of a solid financial strategy consist of 4 components:

• Analysis: evaluating data as a basis for short, medium and
long-term planning of projects
• Planning: needs analysis, strategy, resource options
• Control: optimal use of capital, development of conditions
tions with banks / lenders in general, preparation
of payment terms
• Control: monitoring capital movements, checking the use
proof of compliance, installation of early warning systems

Finance is a complex topic in the company - for the employees in
Regarding remuneration and job security - in the business processes with resource planning and innovation management - but also the
External perception should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to ratings.

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