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QET Unternehmenskultur

M03 Attractive corporate culture - Customers-Products-Markets - QET Management System

M03 Attractive corporate culture - Customers-Products-Markets - QET Management System

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The QET module Customers-Products-Markets M03 contains 24 criteria from the QET management system in one document. Each of the 24 criteria for an attractive corporate culture is supplemented with a check data sheet for further information. Ideal as learning content and for querying course participants or employees. Inspiring for all managers. Explained in a simple and practical way with recommendations for action. Applicable to all industries and company sizes.

The criteria are: change management, human resources management, product management, customers, QM, innovation, risk management, CIP, trust, diversity, job security, compliance, fair trade, ecology, guidelines, pricing, contracts, social media, suppliers, marketing, benchmarking, SWOT, mediation, rating.

Growth is the expression of entrepreneurial success. The ideal strategy
is - in addition to concentrating on products and markets - focusing
to customer needs.
Sophisticated marketing strategies are needed to draw attention to the
product, because in the digital age the customer can choose within seconds
Price and product comparisons can be accessed via appropriate channels
and thus finds what he considers to be the most attractive offer.
Good customer service is still in demand today, motivated and competent
Employees with good product knowledge provide individual advice and try
to solve problems promptly. This commitment is recognized by the customer
valued and also influences purchasing decisions.
In addition to observing market developments, it is important to
To formulate development goals and to constantly assess them for opportunities, risks,
resources and also strengths and weaknesses. The
Ratings of products that customer reviews in various e-commerce
Channels provide direct feedback for other consumers and
also for the manufacturer of the product.

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