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QET Unternehmenskultur

M02 Attractive corporate culture - Employees - QET Management System

M02 Attractive corporate culture - Employees - QET Management System

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The QET EMPLOYEE M02 module contains 22 criteria from the QET management system in one document. Each of the 22 criteria for an attractive corporate culture is supplemented with a check data sheet for further study. Ideal as learning content and for querying course participants or employees. Inspiring for all managers. Explained in a simple and practical way with recommendations for action. Applicable to all industries and company sizes.

The criteria are: social competence, personal responsibility, human resources management, learning organisation, innovation, ethics, trust, diversity, job security, occupational safety, stress prevention, remuneration, working hours, work-life balance, participation, women's quota, 50+, inclusion, reintegration, guidelines, target agreements, communication.

The human resources factor contributes significantly to the success of a company
Good human resources management is an important competitive factor,
The external perception is not only determined by the business figures
but also based on the presence and ratings in various social media
channels are influenced.
An employee-oriented corporate culture is therefore a clear advantage.
Process orientation and efficiency improvement are discussed with the employees
achieved, not at the expense of it. It is important to exploit the existing potential
to recognize, utilize and promote with further training measures.
Fair cooperation plays an important role, from the behavior of superiors to trust, communication, respect and the involvement of employees in decision-making processes.
A good working environment also includes healthy
Design of the working environment, such as sensible room layout, ergonomic
Office furniture, good lighting and well-maintained social areas.
Satisfied employees are an important competitive factor and at the same time the
best business card of a company.

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