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QET Unternehmenskultur

M07 Attractive corporate culture - Corporate image - QET Management System

M07 Attractive corporate culture - Corporate image - QET Management System

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The QET module COMPANY IMAGE M07 contains 13 criteria from the QET management system in one document. Each of the 13 criteria for an attractive corporate culture is supplemented with a check data sheet for further information. Ideal as learning content and for querying course participants or employees. Inspiring for all managers. Explained in a simple and practical way with recommendations for action. Applicable to all industries and company sizes.

The criteria are: branding, succession, learning organization, innovation, trust, compliance, CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility, social media, error culture, rating, certification.

A company is perceived and characterized by the public in many aspects. A good image provides clear competitive advantages and makes the company attractive to employees (employer branding).

The most important basics of a corporate image and thus also the content basis of the CI (corporate identity) are authenticity and credibility.
The company's image can be positively influenced with good PR measures; regular posts and participation campaigns on social networks help to enter into dialogue with interested parties and customers.
The corporate image is an important component of corporate culture and affects all areas - internally and externally:

• Employees
• Suppliers
• End customers
• Shareholders
• Company

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