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M06 Attractive corporate culture -Sociocultural responsibility- CSR - QET management system

M06 Attractive corporate culture -Sociocultural responsibility- CSR - QET management system

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The QET module SOCIO-CULTURAL RESPONSIBILITY CSR M06 contains 17 criteria from the QET management system in one document. Each of the 17 criteria for an attractive corporate culture is supplemented with a check data sheet for further study. Ideal as learning content and for querying course participants or employees. Inspiring for all managers. Explained in a simple and practical way with recommendations for action. Applicable to all industries and company sizes.

Criteria are: personal responsibility, resources, learning organization, diversity, stress prevention, working hours, work-life balance, participation, women's quota, 50+, inclusion, reintegration, training and further education, fair trade, ecology, CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility, guidelines, pricing.

Today, companies are monitored much more closely with regard to social and environmental issues and are therefore critically evaluated and portrayed in public and in social media.
This shows that social commitment, sustainability, careful use of resources and environmental awareness have a positive effect on the public perception of the company and can improve its image.
Sociocultural responsibility includes numerous areas such as diversity, inclusion, training and continuing education, fair trade, ecology and resource management.
Don't just focus on social commitments sporadically to improve your image in the short term, integrate the topic permanently into your guidelines and corporate strategies and make it a pillar of your corporate culture.

You can have seminars on this module individually configured by this long-standing QETacademy partner:
Hedwig Vielreicher

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