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E07 Stress prevention

E07 Stress prevention

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temporary deadline pressure or when there is a particular commitment to performance (flow). This stress generally has no harmful effects on health and is therefore to be viewed as positive. If there is no positive stress and therefore no challenge in the job, the opposite effect can occur: the so-called bore-out syndrome. Bore means boredom.
Negative work stress is bad: it is less common among managers and occurs much more frequently in middle and subordinate positions. Negative stress is often caused by physically demanding, low-skilled work with limited scope for action. The result of this negative stress is high rates of unemployment and incapacity for work.
Negative stress at work is accompanied by inner tension and restlessness, even to the point of severe discomfort, fear and feelings of threat. Stress often occurs when the pressures are extreme and the demands exceed one's abilities.

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