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E10 Work-life balance

E10 Work-life balance

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In view of declining birth rates until the turn of the millennium,
Family friendliness is one of the key competitive factors for our
Society and especially small and medium-sized companies. The opposite trend confirms that the decision to have children can be reconciled more and more with the realities of the working world. A balance between family responsibilities and those at work (work-life balance) is therefore necessary.
Family-friendly measures pay off for companies because
• the majority of employees want to combine a successful professional life and a happy family life.
• the economy depends on the knowledge of men and women.
• Satisfied parents work better, are more motivated, productive and more concentrated in their work.
• Mothers and fathers acquire important skills in the family, also for their careers.
• qualified workers can be recruited and retained.
• the company gains cost advantages (less training time/changeovers) and becomes more innovative.
• family-friendly companies are perceived as attractive and responsible employers (employer branding).
• more children mean growth, prosperity and the best investment in the future.

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