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E20 CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

E20 CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

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“Corporate Social Responsibility” roughly translates as “the social responsibility of a company”. CSR is now an integral part of the corporate culture in most large companies and international corporations. Family businesses in particular have been fulfilling their social responsibility in a particularly value-oriented manner for generations.
Social responsibility begins in the company itself, with management, employees and environmental awareness, then it goes through consumers and ends with concrete and meaningful commitment to the community. The company that is committed to CSR also has social responsibility for producers and suppliers, for the entire supply chain. CSR is increasingly playing a role in the global activities of companies. For example, since 2004 the German consumer protection organization "Stiftung Warentest" has been evaluating "the assumption of responsibility along the entire value chain with regard to social and ecological issues" for many products and examines production and manufacturing facilities abroad.

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